Christian Dove Black Diamond Engagement Ring Set, 14K White Gold The Holy Spirit Dove Black Diamond Engagement Ring Set is a genuine statement of love for a bride of sophisticated taste. Its 14K white gold construction adorned with a precious black diamond encased in the wings of a solid gold dove is a striking and unique way to say I love you. This exceptional ring holds a 5mm black diamond jewel in its center, creating an earthy reflection as the light catches on the round-cut surface. Looking into the dark gem is like an endless pool of deep devotion. A white gold dove at the center of the design perfectly complements the black diamond, further drawing the eyes in. Together, the black diamond and white gold create a showpiece to be praised. The gold bands measure 2.8mm each. This ring set is a complete jewelry piece to accompany the bride during her engagement. Designed for refined taste, itÆs light and dark contrasting materials work together to create a perfect Zen harmony. Engagement Ring Diamond Characteristics Gemstone Type Black Diamond Gemstone Size 5mm Total Number of Stones 1 Gemstone Shape Round Gemstone Quality AA Engagement Ring Measurements Width 1.5mm Setting Height 7.5mm Metal Type 14K White Gold Wedding Ring Measurements Width 1.75mm Head Measurement 7mm x 8mm Metal Type 14K White Gold

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